Megan Holbeck is a writer of many, diverse talents. She's been the Managing Editor of magazines, writes articles for a wide range of magazines and newspapers, and crafts sparkling content for businesses. She's somehow found time to finish the first draft of her first novel, too. Redrafting is in progress...


Megan has written for a wide range of publications, focussing on her passions: travel, the outdoors and sustainability. She has written everything from product reviews to editorials, news pieces to ten-page features for publications including the Age, Australian Geographic, Outdoor Australia, the Sun-HeraldSydney Morning Herald andWild magazine. 

Business writing

From web content to newsletters, brochure text to the dreaded press release, Megan delivers concise, accurate and effective copy that ticks marketing boxes such as 'brand-building' and 'on-message' while also reading like a real person wrote it. She's pretty quick, works well with others and is lovely to deal with, too.

The dreaded novel...

Oodles of Oodles is a modern-day retelling of 101 Dalmatians written for a middle-grade audience. It takes a laid-back Australian approach to the rather proper classic, replacing primness with humour, London with Sydney and Dalmatians with oodles. (Poodle-crosses for the uninitiated!)